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Greenhouses are often key attractions in many botanical gardens. Our greenhouse is designed with different levels of light exposure to house tropical plants that range from sun loving to shade tolerant species. The greenhouse collection is home to over 200 plant species, most of which are from tropical Southeast Asia. The collection is mainly comprised of herbaceous species of aquatic plants, Begonia, ferns as well as herbaceous plants that are either edible or have medicinal properties. It also houses a collection of ginger and ginger-related species, as well as Aidia borneensis (Sambah Bagangan), a plant endemic to Borneo, from which herbal tea is produced.

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Medicinal Plants

The Medicinal Plant Zone consists of native plant species that are traditionally used for medicinal purposes, such as tonic, poultice and decoction for various ailments. Some species featured in this Zone are also being studied by UBD researchers for their medicinal properties.

Setawar (Costus)

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Al-Hadeeqah Al-Mubaarakah

This zone highlights plants mentioned in the Qur’an and Hadith and plants of importance to Islamic medicine. It serves as an educational and research resource, focusing on the significance of plants in Islam, their traditional uses, and scientific studies on their efficacy.

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Ginger Garden

The Ginger Garden displays a large collection of native and commercial ginger plants that are well known for their ornamental, economic and cultural values. Several ginger species have been collected from native forests and planted in this collection for ex situ conservation.

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Timber Species

The Timber Zone consists of native tree species from the original Kerangas forest at the UBD BRC as well as tree species of high conservation value that have been relocated to the garden from different forest types in Brunei as part of UBD BRC’s ex situ conservation activities.

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Stingless Bee

Several colonies of Stingless bee (Kelulut) can be found inside the garden. The taste of the honey produced has a distinctive sour-sweet flavour with a flowery scent.

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Palm Garden

The Palm Garden highlights an interesting collection of palms that are both native and ornamental. They are easily recognizable by their unique stems and leaf shapes that are all clustered together at the terminal part of the plant.

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Orchids & Pitcher Plant

Orchidaceae is one of the largest families of flowering plants, with blooms that are colourful and fragrant, and are popular as ornamental plants. Our Orchid collection showcases unique orchids, such as Helmet orhids (Corybas pictus), Tiger orchids (Gromatophyllum sp.) and Dendrobium orchids.

The Pitcher Plant Zone showcases several carnivorous Nepenthes species found in Brunei’s forest. They come in a wide range of sizes and possess modified ‘pitcher’ shaped leaves that can trap their prey.

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Rock Garden

The Rock Garden at the UBD BRC will take you through the different phases of the Rock Cycle which is a conceptual model that includes three types of rocks: igneous/magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic. The Rock Garden is a collaborative collection curated by the Geosciences Programme at UBD’s Faculty of Science.

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